This year we will have the first Embassy Festival Tour. This is your opportunity to finally see the inside of an embassy! The Hague is full of embassies and many people have never seen the inside of some of these beautiful buildings before. Embassy’s all over the city of The Hague will invite guests for an unforgettable experience. From tours of the actual embassy building and a light drink or food tasting in the gardens, to trying on national costumes and participating in the country’s national activities and games. Some will even give every guest a goodie-bag. Anything is possible!


We have arranged an exciting route for you to travel through the city and visit some of the participating embassies. You are responsible for traveling from one embassy to the other, but we shall of course make sure that is it a route easily travelled by foot or bike. Also we will make sure you will have enough time to get from one embassy to another. Due to Covid rules and regulation we can only offer a limited amount of tickets for this tour. Guests can come alone, with friends or family.




    1. This tour will take you to embassies and will take around **3 HOURS**
    2. You will need a bike/scooter or other transport for the tour to get from one embassy to another.
    3. This tour ticket starts in the CITY at 18:30 the tour will end in Scheveningen.
    4. You will receive your exact start location close to the date of the tour.
    5. You are responsible to get from one embassy to another and to be there on time.
    6. Closer to the date of the event we will email you a map and route that you must follow.
    7. If you want to do the tour together with your friends please make sure to book tickets at the same time. We have limited spots and tours can be full if you book at a later time.
    8. The tour involves around 4km/20 mins of travelling/cycling time, with a maximum of 10 consecutive minutes.
    9. You can’t choose which embassies you want to go to, the timetable is set and you cannot divert from the route.
    10. There will be a health check at the entrance. No test/vaccination
    11. Name, surname and email for each attendee are required by the embassies to be allowed entrance.
    12. Please bring your identification with you or you may not be allowed to enter some embassies.
    13. Tickets are limited. When they sell out there will not be more tickets becoming available. So please book soon to avoid disappointment.