A physical tour around the city where cultures are represented on their own turf, in their own embassy. Participating embassies open up their doors and welcome several, small (rotating) groups of people during the evening.

The Embassy Tour (1st of September) will be held on the evening before the Embassy Festival at the Lange Voorhout. The tour starts at one of the participating embassies, from there thereon the groups follow their route to visit the other embassies in their programme.


When you buy a ticket for the tour, you will need to travel by bike from embassy to embassy. Groups of about 30 people will follow a 45-minute programme at every embassy. Every stop will be different and could contain a combination of musical performances, food and/or drinks tasting, trying on traditional clothing, games or other activities.


This year 6 embassies have signed up for the Embassy Tour. During the tour, you will visit 4 embassies in one of six available groups. The groups are named A until F.  You can choose between two starting locations, the Embassy of the Czech Republic or the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon. The combination and order of embassies that you will visit are different in all groups. See the list below to see the start times, locations and order of embassies in each tour.  


Embassy Tour A – 17:00 | Route: Czechia – Panama – Azerbaijan – Cameroon | SOLD OUT! 

Embassy Tour B – 17:55 | Route: Czechia – Panama – Azerbaijan – Lithuania | SOLD OUT! 

Embassy Tour C – 18:50 | Route: Czechia – Panama – Azerbaijan – Bolivia | SOLD OUT! 

Embassy Tour D – 17:00 | Route: Cameroon – Lithuania – Bolivia – Czechia | SOLD OUT! 

Embassy Tour E – 17:55 | Route: Cameroon – Lithuania – Bolivia – Panama | SOLD OUT! 

Embassy Tour F – 18:50 | Route: Cameroon – Lithuania – Bolivia – Azerbaijan | SOLD OUT! 


Please carefully read the “Important Information” section after you have clicked on your preferred tour, before purchasing the tickets.  


The groups and routes are set and cannot be changed and tickets are not transferable to any other person. Refunds can be requested up to 1 week before the event. Service and processing fees will not be reimbursed. 


We hope to see you on 1 September at one of the Embassy Tours.