This year we will have the second Embassy Tour. This is your opportunity to finally see the inside of an embassy! The Hague is full of embassies and many people have never seen the inside of some of these beautiful buildings before. Embassy’s all over the city of The Hague will invite guests for an unforgettable experience. From tours of the actual embassy building and a light drink or food tasting in the gardens, to trying on national costumes and participating in the country’s national activities and games. Some will even give every guest a goodie-bag. Anything is possible!


We will arrange an exciting route for you to travel through the city and visit some of the participating embassies. You are responsible for traveling from one embassy to the other, but we shall of course make sure that is it a route easily travelled by foot or bike. Also we will make sure you will have enough time to get from one embassy to another. We will offer a limited amount of tickets for the Embassy Festival Tour. Guests can come alone, with friends or family.