Due to the COVID-19 virus and government measures, the regular Embassy Festival is not possible. That is why we chose to organize the Experience where visitors can enjoy everything that the Embassy Festival has to offer in a terrace setting. We can only allow a limited amount of visitors to the festival area, with fixed seats and a ticket. The safety of our visitors, artists and employees always comes first. Therefor we have drawn up these rules & regulations. These rules we have to adhere to together to make sure the festival takes place in a safe way. By entering the Embassy Festival, you agree to these rules.


Before you come to the Embassy Festival, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I currently have a fever and/or shortness of breath, cough or a nose cold?
  2. Do I currently have a roommate with a fever and/or shortness of breath?
  3. Was I diagnosed with the coronavirus less than 7 days ago?
  4. Was I in contact with a roommate / family member with coronavirus related symptoms with whom I have been in contact with in the past 7 days?

If you have answered one or more of these questions with ‘yes’, you will not be allowed to enter the festival area. We kindly ask you to not even come to the Lange Voorhout in this case. At the entrance these questions will be asked.


  1. You can only enter the festival with a valid ticket for a specific time slot, which is only available online via www.embassyfestival.com. There is no ticket sale at the door.
  2. You buy tickets per household, only if you have purchased the tickets together you will be placed at the same table. Maximum 8 people per table.
  3. Make sure you come to the festival area together with all the people you bought your tickets with i.e. who you share the table with, i.e. your household. You should be at the festival 15 minutes before your timeslot starts.
  4. The safety and health of our visitors, crew and artists are of the highest importance to us. Therefor we work with the Corona check app for entrance. Within the app you should be able to show a QR-code if you have tested for access (learn more about this here), are fully vaccinated or have evidence of recovery of COVID-19.
  5. At the entrance you will also be asked to show your ID/Passport which should correspond with the name on the Corona Check app .
  6. The unique QR code on your ticket in your confirmation email is your entrance certificate. You will also find all relevant measures and protocols in this email. Read this carefully.
  7. The QR-code needs to be scanned so please either print your ticket or make sure you can show it on your smart-phone. Make sure to have your entrance ticket ready at the entrance for a quick entry.
  8. Every visitor must be in possession of an entrance ticket and able to present it when asked for it by staff. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. Children age 12 and under need to be registered with a ticket but have free entry. Children age 13 and above need to be in possession of a regular ticket. All children must be accompanied by a parent.
  10. You are obliged to stay within the festival area the whole shift.
  11. Your table will be assigned to you upon entry, no changes can be made in this.
  12. Embassies will be present to serve food and drinks, you can order food and drinks via the QR code on your table. Payment is by phone only.
  13. Unfortunately, you can’t hang around afterwards, since we have to prepare the terrain for the next shift.
  14. Please respect others. Aggressive, harassing and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to removal of the festival area. The assessment of this is done by the organization and is leading.
  15. Dangerous objects, weapons or drugs are not allowed on the festival area and will result in your removal. The assessment whether objects are dangerous is done by the organization and is leading.
  16. Visitors who want to enter the site under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be refused. Visitors who are obnoxiously intoxicated on the premises will be removed. There will be no refund of entrance fees in either case.
  17. You are not allowed to bring your own drinks on the premises.
  18. We do not sell alcohol to visitors under the age of 18, your ID may be requested.
  19. Pets are not allowed on the festival site.
  20. Photos and recordings will be made during the Embassy Festival, by your presence you give permission for use for publication purposes.
  21. Instructions from the Embassy Festival employees must always be followed. If you do not comply with the rules and regulations or the instructions from the staff, you can be removed from the site.
  22. The organization is not liable for injury or other damage as a result of your visit to the Embassy Festival.
  23. These rules and regulations can be adjusted, for example as a result of additional government measures regarding COVID-19. We therefore recommend that you consult this site (embassyfestival.com) shortly before your visit.
  24. Even with rain or bad weather the festival will continue.
  25. There will be a health check at the entrance.


We look forward to greeting you at the Lange Voorhout!


If you wish you can download these rules and regulations here.

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