VIETNAM | Embassy Festival 2019
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International Market

As a destination for tourism, Vietnam has a lot to offer: an endless stretch of coastline, variety of landscapes and mild equatorial tropical climate. The people are friendly and hospitable and will ensure you have a memorable time. Both of these traits are embodied in the Vietnamese cuisine: a product of tropical bursts of flavours, sea-to-table freshness and extreme love and care. While we cannot teleport you to Vietnam right at this moment- we could offer a taste of our country at the foodbooth of the annual embassy festival. Be quick- Non La catering and their team are known to sell out fast! This year, we are back offering the classics: Hoi An chicken salad with yellow rice, a central favourite especially for the summer. Vietnamese banh mi, a fusion between French baguette, ham, pate and fresh Vietnamese herbs and pickles. If you want a warm dish, we offer Pho (extremely famous beef noodles) and Bun bo Hue (extremely underrated beef noodles with a strong lemongrass flavour). Last but definitely not least, don’t miss out on the classic combination: fried and fresh homemade springrolls! See you there!