TUNISIA | Embassy Festival 2019
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International Market
About This Project

Forget the grey and gloom for the thousand colours of Tunisia.
Red, like the sunsets on the island of Djerba, the bountiful hibiscus, the chechia hat that the Tunisians have donned for centuries, the Bedouin robes that date back to the dawn of time.
Yellow, like the flowering fields in the springtime, the braided baskets of the artisans of Nabeul, the glazed plates decorated with fish.
Green, like the palm groves as far as the eye can see, the jasmine vines studded with white flowers, the domes lined with Andalusian ceramic tiles.
Gold, like the old stones of Kairouan or Thuburbo Majus, the mountains standing tall in the heart of the desert.
Blue, of course, like the brilliant sky or the infinite nuances of the Mediterranean sea.
So come and visit the colorful stand of Tunisia and have your name calligraphed in Arabic, have a metal plate covered on the spot and taste the Tunisian mint tea, water pipe and our giant couscous!