LADY BAZAAR | Embassy Festival 2020
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14:15 - 15:00

Contemporary stage, Saturday 7 September
About This Project

No need to worry about the weather, Lady Bazaar will bring enough sunshine to make it feel like a summer day regardless of the weather conditions. Bazaar, as they were called then, started out in 2012 as an all-male four-piece, but it wasn’t until they met their ‘Lady’ Delphine Blanc in 2016 that it blossomed to the Soul-Hiphop sensation that is Lady Bazaar. If Ella Fitzgerald, the Gorillaz, Sting and Aretha Franklin had thrown their music in a kettle and boiled it up to make something new, we’re pretty sure it would be Lady Bazaar that you’d be hearing.

The band has played countless concerts in Switzerland and France and opened up for acts such as Thundercat, Selah Sue and Rootwords. They’ve won the Montjoux Festival Contest, Vernier sur Rock Festival contest and have a jam-packed summer full of shows around Europe. We’ve very happy that they were able to squeeze the Embassy Festival in, so we can all hear their wonderful music live, up close and personal.

Proudly presented in co-operation with the Embassy of Switzerland