BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA | Embassy Festival 2019
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International Market

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a heart shaped country located in the heart of southeast Europe. It has been a meeting point for western and eastern civilizations for centuries, which has resulted in a plethora of rich cultures and traditions. The cultural diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina can only be compared to its natural one, which ranges from snow covered mountain peaks, lush forests and deep valleys with beautiful rivers. It is also the country where you can find the only remaining rainforest located in Europe. This diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina shall also be presented during the festival through various traditional dishes and drinks which will be available at our stand, such as the Bosnian and Herzegovinian cheese pie, “Sirnica”, the rather popular “Ćevapi” and many more. On top of that several sweet delicacies such as “Hurmašice”, “Baklava” and jars of Bosnian honey will also be available. All of this will be accompanied with a traditional dance performance.