Embassy Festival Recipe Booklet



The Embassy Festival recipe booklet is put together especially for you so that you can bring those international flavours to your home. Expect a world trip in a booklet with mouthwatering dishes from over more that 25 countries! With the purchase of the booklet you also support the Embassy Festival.



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Have you ever made a traditional Finnish dish? Or Azerbaijani? Would you like to surprise your children or friends with a spectacular Mexican dish? We’re bringing all participating countries together in this exclusive Embassy Festival recipe book! We’ve asked embassies to provide us with the best recipes available of signature dishes from their home country. So everyone with a kitchen can recreate them.


We’ve asked for the classics. The traditional dishes. The ones that take you straight to Sweden, Ethiopia or Palestina. This year, we want you to try something different. Shake it up! Cook something you’ve never tasted before and learn more about the culture connected to it. In the recipe book, you’ll not only find the recipe itself, but also more information about the tradition and the cultural importance of it. You will have until the August 30th to order and the booklet will be sent by post or available for pick up by September 4th.


With the purchase of this product you also support the Embassy Festival!

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