WELCOME TO THE HAGUE | Embassy Festival 2020
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We cherish having visitors from all over the country – and many from abroad – visiting the Embassy Festival every year. We wondered though. Have our visitors seen the other treasures, beauty and historical places The Hague offers? Did you know, for example, that we’re a city by the sea? That it’s Royal? And that it’s the International City of Peace and Justice? We wanted to tell you a little more about our city and recommend everyone to make a weekend of your visit, to make it even more special! 

In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working every day to build a more peaceful and just world. People come to The Hague from every corner of the globe to work together to tackle global challenges. With the Peace Palace at the centre of it all, The Hague is truly the international city of peace and justice.

The Hague is a cosmopolitan city, and still remains liveable and personal. Everything in the entire city is barely more than a stone’s throw away. Including the seaside. Step on a tram in the historic city centre and within fifteen minutes you’ll find yourself on The Hague’s eleven-kilometre long beach. The ideal place to take a break from life’s hustle and bustle and to find the inspiration for new ideas.

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Since time immemorial, The Hague has been an open city, with regal allure. The royal family lives and works here. And it’s the seat of the Dutch government, where vitally important decisions affecting the future of the country are taken every day. Which is why so many companies, students, diplomats and non-profit organisations choose to come to The Hague. Because here, you can expand your network, influence what goes on around you, and make a difference in the world.

And The Hague offers unexpected extras. Only in The Hague can you cross paths with the king, and only here does the prime minister cycle to work, like anyone else. Be ready for a place where extraordinary encounters are a daily occurrence.