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Fan of the Nordics? Or maybe you yourself are from one of these gorgeous countries? With Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland joining us at the Embassy Festival this year, you can take a Nordic stroll through the roadmap we’ve created for you on Saturday the 7th of September. Find Finland’s Santa Clause, Joulupukki, music from all over the Nordics, or sample some Nordic foods at the International Market. There’s so much to explore!

SWEDEN | 13.00-13.45 | Contemporary Stage

We have the wonderful Grapell performing on our Contemporary Stage, thanks to the Embassy of Sweden. Best friends Emil and Nils have created arrangements so thoroughly filled with romantic, soulful and sultry sounds, that it’ll be hard not to fall in love with them. This Swedish duo are a rare breed and their indie-pop sound will make everyone smile and dream. A perfect way to spend an afternoon, right?

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FINLAND | 14.30 – 14.50 | Container Stage

Finnish multi-talent Mirella Pirskanen will perform a recital full of highly personal stories, singing and playing the violin simultaneously (!). Her compositions and arrangements explore the rich Finnish and Scandinavian folk traditions as well as flirting with some colourful Balkan polyrhythms along the way.

Finland will also be present at the International Market (12.00 – 20.00). Visit them to pick up your own brochures of Finland and to discover pure Finnish tastes! They’ll serve a plate of grilled salmon or a Finnish sausage with fresh potato salad. For a sweet snack you can taste some home baked cinnamon buns. And we’ve also heard that Joulupukki, the Finish Santa Clause, will make an appearance!

NORWAY | 14.50 – 15.40 | Classical Stage

There’s so much musical talent from the Nordics present at the Embassy Festival! From Norway we have Kristin Mulders, who will be performing on our Classical Stage. The talented Norwegian mezzo-soprano will perform a highly intimate lieder recital exploring the magic of long Scandinavian summer evenings, Norwegian folk legends and the sheer power of Nordic nature, including Grieg’s iconic song cycle, “Haugtussa” (Mountain Maid). She will be accompanied by Norwegian pianist Knut Christian Jansson.

DENMARK | 18.25 – 18.55 | Creative Arena

Danish Folk-musician Bjarke Ramsing will treat the audience at the Creative Arena with songs sung in Danish as well as English. The music spans wide from beautiful soft folk ballads with neat instrumental arrangements to more raw and upbeat acoustic rock compositions. His lyrics are relentlessly searching the filth of modern western life looking for some sort of beauty.