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The Embassy Festival is a great place to bring your children to. Not only will they see cultures and customs from all over the world come to life, they will also be able to enjoy themselves at our Kids Compound. So, what do we have in store for them?



At one of the many pavilions inhabited by all the countries present children will have their own voyage of discovery to experience. By painting Nón Lá’s (Vietnamese conical hats), or by taking a picture with Joulupukki (Finland’s very own Santa Claus) or by getting a henna tattoo at the Saudi-Arabia stand.

This year, the building crew from De Kinderwerkplaats have set-up shop and offer arts & craft activities. This includes painting and making boats from Styrofoam, which you can test in the water as well!

What if you could splash paint around? It’s a children’s dream that’s about to become reality. A paint-splash-painting will be made at the Embassy Festival. Children can let all their creative juices flow and create a masterpiece. Creativity will also be boosted by making custom-buttons that they can take home afterwards.

Due to last year’s success, we’re bringing back the Embassy Festival colouring contest. Draw till your heart’s content, hang it up for everyone to see and you might be contacted after the festival to let you know that you’ve won a prize!

Cupcakes are delicious, we know that. But they’re also fun to decorate. And you can do just that at the Kids Compound. Take a picture after you’re done to remember the moment. Then close your eyes and devour it in one sitting. Delicious!

Last but not lease, we’ll have face painting activities!