KICK-OFF EVENING | Embassy Festival 2019
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Imagine a night on the picturesque Lange Voorhout where you and your friends can sit back, have a bit of food from one of the food trucks while fantastic music is being played by acts that have been flown-in from all over the world. Sounds like a perfect evening, right? This Friday evening, starting at 5pm, will mark the kick-off of the sixth edition of the Embassy Festival in an abbreviated setting in front of the Diligentia Theatre at the Lange Voorhout.

We are delighted that the Ambassador of Australia has agreed to open the evening just before the performance of Folk Road Show, which was kindly made possible by their Embassy! In between the acts on the main stage we’ll have a fantastic dance group from India performing traditional dances at the Container Stage, as well as a very special show called ‘Legend of Dombra’, which is a very popular music instrument from Kazakhstan. That’s not all! We’ve also been able to secure a Silent Disco DJ who will get everyone dancing. Have a look at the schedule below to find out what we’ve got lined up for you this Friday evening!

Container Stage

17.15 – 17.55 LEGEND OF DOMBRA

This performance will be based around the origin of the most popular musical instrument in Kazakhstan, the two-stringed Dombra. During the performance, the audience will have a chance to be enchanted by the unique tunes of sazsyrnay, dabyl, shankobyz and throat singing (overtone singing). In addition to that, the group will perform traditional Kazakh dances and invite the audience to participate.

18.45 – 19.05 DANCE FORMS OF INDIA (Classic & Folk)

Visitors will be able to enjoy not one but two traditional dances all the way from India. Bharatnatyam is one of the oldest and finest classical dance of South India. It is famous for its beautiful footwork and graceful movements and expressions. The North of India is also represented with the Rajasthani folk dance which is very popular in northern India. An excellent way to be introduced to their dance culture!

19.30 – 23.30 SILENT DISCO

Dance and sing like nobody can hear you. Well they can, they just can’t hear the music. That’s right, we’ll have a Silent Disco at the Embassy Festival on Friday evening. Naturally, to stay in line with the vibe of the festival, a lot of world music will be played, as well as other music that will get you moving and singing like there’s no tomorrow. So bring all your friends and put on those headphones!

Main Stage

18.00 – 18.45 FOLK ROAD SHOW

They’ve toured Canada and Europe nine times and have gained a huge following. At the Embassy Festival, you’ll have a chance to witness the fantastic americana/indie-pop sensation that is Folk Road Show. The Australian/Canadian/Dutch band have the ability to make even the largest crowds feel like they’re watching an intimate show that’s dynamic and a treat for the ear and eye. Who’s ready to soak up their energy and enjoy five-part harmonies, a-capella intermezzos and a lot of feel-good music?

19.15 – 20.00 TÉMÉ TAN

Multi-instrumentalist Témé Tan has music and culture running through it veins and it shows in his music. The Congo-born musician travelled the globe during his studies and discovered his musical identity whilst doing so. Describing his music, he mentions that it’s classed as world-music, given that he’s incorporated lots of genres, such as 1960’s Brazilian grooves, 2000’s Japanese experimentalism and even 1990’s Belgian rap. An act you’ll want to see live and you’ll have that chance on the Friday of Embassy Festival 2018!

20.30 – 21.30 ONIPA

Onipa offers a fresh, raw, fiercely energetic new sound, fusing electronics and deep afro grooves. They’re known for their live performances, bringing lots of energy to every single show. A perfect way to spend your Friday evening. The band, with Ghanaian roots, will be releasing their debut EP that weekend, so you’ll be one of the first to listen to their new music, up close and personal.

22.00 – 23.00 RIZAN SAID & FRIENDS

He’s one of the most well-known artists in Syria and his musical influence has crossed many borders. He’s been asked on many occasions to compose and produce music for a lot of other Syrian artists, film and tv-shows. At the Embassy Festival Rizan Said will introduce the visitors to the original dabke dance sounds of Syria. The up-tempo sounds and energy in his music are a testament to the rich and colourful culture of his home country. He will be joined on stage by a few of his friends.