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We want everyone to be as informed as can be at the Embassy Festival this weekend, so we thought we’d share some F.A.Q! Is the festival wheelchair accessible? What’s the address? When is the International Market? Can I bring my children? This and more is explained in this article.

Q:Where is the Embassy Festival?
A:The Embassy Festival is at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague

Q: What times will the festival be open?
A: On the Friday evening the festival will be from 17.00 – 23.30 and on Saturday from 12.00 – 20.00

Q:Do I have to buy tickets or pay in any way?
No. The festival is freely accessible and the entire festival is free.

Q: On what days will the International Market be open?
The International will be there on Saturday. There will be no International Market on Friday evening. We do have other fantastic activities and performances on Friday night though. More about that in this article.

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Click here to download the festival map

Q: How can I get to the festival area?
A:By Car
: Book your parking space quick and easy directly beneath the Lange Voorhout. This is the Museumkwartier car park. Choose from one of the parking products, such as the 4 hour discount card for only € 8,-. Book now at and ensure yourself of an affordable parking space.
By Bike: There are two cycle parking areas at the festival. They are marked on the festival map in a red circle.
By Public transport: The Embassy Festival is in the City Centre of The Hague. It is also within walking distance of Den Haag Central Station. Trams that stop in the City Centre are also good options.

Q: Is the Embassy Festival wheelchair accessible?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, we’ve placed some extra wheelchair ramps this year, to enable everyone to enjoy the festival. The areas that are wheelchair friendly are marked on the festival map. The Lange Voorhout itself is a gravel path, which can be trickier for wheelchairs, which is why we’ve marked the areas on the map that we’ve made accessible.

Q:What if it rains?
Well, first of all, we’ve been doing sun-dances all week to hopefully persuade the gods to give us a bright and sunny day. In the event of (light) rain, we will have poncho’s available. Also, as we’re located at the Lange Voorhout, there are plenty of trees that will catch those droplets for us, so we’re confident that this will make it more comfortable for everyone. We would advise you to wear a coat. But the advice that has scientifically been proven to help more than anything we’ve mentioned before? Dance, dance, dance! That’ll keep you nice and warm and it’ll spread so much joy that you it’ll be a sunny day regardless of the weather.

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Q:Is the festival fun for children?
A:Absolutely! We want people of all ages to enjoy all these different cultures. We’ve got a special Kids Compound with lots of fun activities. There are also drinks and food especially served and made for our youngest visitors. We’ve written an article that explains all.

Q:Do you sell festival merchandise?
A:Yes! We’ve got a wonderful tote bag with the Embassy Festival logo on. Perfect to put all those precious products in that you might have bought at the International Market

Q:What’s the official #hashtag?
A:We put so much love and effort into the festival, so when it all ends we all get together and look at the videos and pictures our visitors have shared with us. So please use #embassyfestival in your post when you share something to we can share! On Instagram you can also tag us with @embassy.festival.

Q:Can I pay by PIN at the festival or do I need to take our cash beforehand?
You can pay by PIN at our bars and our lovely toilet-ladies also accept PIN. We also accept cash.

Q:Where can I find a certain country?
A:On our festival map you can see where the different countries are on the International Market. Participating countries that aren’t on the International Market, are represented by a musical act on one of our stages. You can find the full programme here.