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The sixth edition of the two-day Embassy Festival in The Hague is bigger than ever this year with over 60 embassies participating. The Embassy Festival offers visitors a two-day cultural, culinary and musical voyage of discovery. On Friday 31 August the festival will kick-off at 17.00 with two stages offering a diverse and colourful programme. The festival will fully commence on Saturday 1 September from 12.00 with four stages, the Kids Compound and the International Market. The festival highlights the cultural richness of the participating countries and inspires visitors to meet and experience each other’s culture. The Embassy Festival showcases that culture connects people and embodies togetherness and amazement.

August 09, 2018

The Friday evening will mark the kick-off of the sixth edition of the EMBASSY FESITVAL in an abbreviated setting in front of the Diligentia Theatre with performances by FOLK ROAD SHOW (AUS/CAN/NLD) – Americana-Indie-Pop with harmonic vocals, TÉMÉ TAN (BEL/COD) – Latin/African vibes blended with soul/hip hop, ONIPA (GBR/GHA) – African grooves with electronic music and RIZAN SAID & FRIENDS (SYR) – energising Syrian synthesizer sounds with percussion and guitar.


On Saturday 2 September the EMBASSY FESTIVAL will fully commence from 12.00 with four stages, the Kids Compound and International Market. There will be a broad selection of international artists presented on the CONTEMPORARY STAGE with pop- and world music by DANDANA (GMB/NLD) – eclectic mix of hip hop, synths, and afrobeat, DYLAN LEBLANC (USA) – 70’s folk/pop blended with country and soul with a hint of Neil Young and Fleet Foxes, LES TOURISTES (CHE) – summery music with hip hop and an electronic vibe, SOFIANE SAIDI (DZA/FRA) – eclectic mix of raï, funk, synths, disco, dance and rock, and TABANKA (CPV) – a modern interpretation of funaná, the most popular dance music from Cape Verde.

On the CLASSICAL STAGE we’ll have FIONNUALA MOYNIHAN (IRL) – recital centred around the music of Irish classical composer John Field, BODO QUARTET (POL) – award-winning Polish soprano Aldona Bartnik will explore with her ensemble the central-European music from the interbellum, TRIO NUR (PSE) – musical journey through Western Asia, ELISE CALUWAERTS (BEL) – sensuous summer serenades, lieder and arias by Liszt, Strauss and Bernstein, OSLO FAT STRING QUARTET (NOR) – fresh interpretations and arrangements of classical and modern compositions and IDA SAND (SWE) – an intimate solo-set with the Swedish jazz-superstar re-visiting a selection of her favourites.

Enjoyment and amazement will be created throughout the day at the CREATIVE ARENA and the CONTAINER STAGE with dance, music and theatre from every corner of the world. Throat singing from Kazachstan accompanied by the Dombra (a long-necked lute), an impressive Chinese fashion show, dance performances from (amongst others) Rwanda, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Bangladesh, drama classes by the Haags Theaterhuis, Improv Comedy from STET and works by Writers Unlimited (preview of Winternachten).

Our youngest visitors will be spoiled at our KIDS COMPOUND with a tailor-made programme that will tickle all their senses and embody pure enjoyment. Taste buds will be overjoyed at the INTERNATIONAL MARKET thanks to the most delicious wines, sausages, cakes, sandwiches, and lots of traditional bites that have been ‘flown in’ from all over the world. Chilean empanada, Finnish grilled cheese (Eipäjuusto), El Salvadorian Pupusas, Martabak, Telur Balado, Sate Ayam from the Indonesian kitchen, Panamas arroz con pollo: in short, not your average selection of foods but a worldly feast. There will be countless demonstrations at the International Market and naturally, there will be a lot of information about the participating countries.

It’s not coincidental that the Embassy Festival takes place in the international city of The Hague. One-third of the inhabitants in The Hague have foreign roots, which is an astounding percentage. This makes The Hague the perfect location to organise a festival that aims to bring people from different cultures together. The majority of embassies are located in The Hague and are often quite secluded.But by joining forces with these embassies, the Embassy Festival has created a festival at the Lange Voorhout that showcases the cultural richness of all the participating countries. Together, a programme has been realised with lots of dance and music; the universal language that brings us all together. Visitors at the Embassy Festival will not only be welcomed by their own culture but experience other cultures at the same time. Renowned artists from all corners of the world have been programmed together with traditional acts from several countries.

In 2017 the Embassy Festival attracted nearly 50.000 from all ages. This year, expect to be taken on a trip through Afghanistan, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Mozambique, Nepal, Norway, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Yemen

Between Friday 31 August and Sunday 2 September, UIT FESTIVAL DEN HAAG, EMBASSY FESTIVAL, LE MARIE MARCHÉ and CULTUURPLEIN will collectively kick off a jam-packed CULTURAL WEEKEND. UIT Festival offers a three-day preview of the upcoming cultural season 2018-2019. Inspired by the dreamy French markets, Le Marie Marché will have a delightful market in the heart of The Hague along the Lange Vijverberg. Stroll along the Hofvijver and soak up the atmosphere of their French market with authentic products. You can even try a game of Jeu de Boules while you’re there! The Embassy Festival is a two-day cultural world-trip on the Friday evening and Saturday, with a colourful programme full of music, dance and food & drinks from all corners of the world. On Saturday and Sunday, the Plein will be the centre stage of CultuurPlein with performances by Balcony Players, Valentina Rose, Lotte Walda and Convoi Exceptional. The Silent Disco will be the place to show off your wicked dance moves and there will be an extensive programme with children activities.