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Vloggers with videos reaching 800.000 views, the uniqueness of the festival, the way it started all those years ago. We thought we’d share a few fun facts ahead of this year’s (free!) Embassy Festival on the 6th and 7th at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

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1. Vloggers from all over the world surprise us with their video’s

The Embassy Festival is not our festival. It belongs to the ever-growing public that keeps on delighting us with their presence, year after year. In recent years we’ve been surprised with quite a lot of vloggers. Take this video for example, from Aliim. Nearly 800.000 people have seen this video where he takes his followers around the Embassy Festival. We’ve also had vloggers from China, Bolivia and other countries. We don’t speak every language ourselves (we wish!), but the smiles in the videos let us know they enjoyed themselves. We’re so excited every time we see a new one, so vloggers, thank you! Feel free to join us again this year and keep on sharing your experience!

2. We’re the only Embassy Festival in the world

This year we’re confident to have around 70 embassies participating at the Embassy Festival. Which is a record! And it’s also unique, as there isn’t another festival in the world, that we know of, that has the same concept. Where embassies participate to proudly show the world their heritage. Where the world unites and where people come in contact with other cultures in such an authentic way. We’re incredibly proud of this and it’s so much fun. We learn new things every time. Seen things we hadn’t before. Who knows what this year will bring?

3. Wonderful embassies from Brussels: Welcome to The Hague!

We’re located in The Hague as most embassies reside here. But did you know that there are also embassies participating that are based in Brussels? We want to include all countries, so we’re very thankful that they’re joining us in The Hague. These countries include Nepal, Haiti, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.


4. Embassy Festival kicks off on Friday Night

The majority of the festivities take place on the Saturday of the Embassy Festival. A fantastically large International Market, the Creative Arena with dozens of fantastic performances, a Classical and Contemporary stage with musicians from all over the world, to name just a few things. But did you know that we start the festival on the Friday evening? In a smaller setting, we host a stage filled with fantastic music, we have several countries participating and there’s even a silent disco for everyone with a desire to sing their hearts out and show off their best dance moves. We’ve already announced several acts that will perform, such as the London Afrobeat Collective and Cüneyt Sepetçi.


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5. We started with Europe, but soon we invited the world.

The Embassy Festival started off as the European LIFE I LIVE festival. Wait, what? Yes!

In 2012, The Hague was in the running of becoming the Cultural Capital of Europe and the idea was proposed to organise an international event that included the European embassies residing in The Hague. The idea was approved, and the first version of the Embassy Festival was born. Wanting to include the embassies from all over the world, we changed its name to the Embassy Festival. From 5 embassies in its first year to nearly 70 this year. What a thrill to see it grow in such a way. Who’s ready to travel through around 70 countries in a day?!