EUandME | Embassy Festival 2020
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Want to know more about how the EU influences our daily lives? Come visit our #EUandME stand, watch various movies in our Virtual Reality Cinema and win limited edition #EUandME socks. During the Embassy Festival we will be screening the following 7 shorts, each with a duration of about five minutes:


The Shape, directed by Jaco van Demael (Belgium)
A storm is on the horizon. When a jet-black cloud engulfs a small village, the residents discover that it could put an end to more than just blue skies.

, directed by Zaida Bergroth (Finland)
A young girl gets lost in the forest and meets an unexpected resident there.


The Key, directed by Valerie Muller and Angelin Preljocaj (Germany).

The Shape

Hidden Values, directed by Galambos Levente (Hungary)
A busy father feels that he is distant from his daughter. When his daughter breaks her favourite toy, the man realises that broken relationships can be repaired.


The Sound of Mine, directed by Jaime Olías de Lima (Spain)
After discovering that the only sound he can hear underwater is his heartbeat, a young man realises that the silence of the ocean can be used to his advantage.


Conspiracydirected by Magdalena Załęcka (Poland)
A young man tells his family that he wants to travel. Worried for his safety, they hatch a plan to discourage him.

Hidden Values

New World Symphony, directed by Eugen Dediu (Romania)
Musicians across Europe prepare for a performance, while a producer watches them from behind a number of screens.


Two enthusiastic employees from the European Commission will be present to answer any question you might have about the EU. See you there!

What is #EUandME?

512 million people live in the EU – and all of them have their own stories and interests. The #EUandME campaign from the European Commission was created to share these stories in a collection of short films from all over Europe. The films were written and directed by renowned European directors and the winners of our Young European Filmmakers Competition and cover five different topics: mobility, sustainability, skills & business, digital and rights. Want to know more about the campaign? Check