EUandME | Embassy Festival 2019
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We all have things that we’re passionate about: from training to travelling, surfing the internet to saving the world. Living in the European Union provides endless opportunities to do what you love – wherever that may lead. EU legislation and initiatives can help unlock your potential and ignite your inspiration, giving you the tools to pursue your passion. Want to expand your horizons? Well, it all comes down to EU and me.

In the spotlight

512 million people live in the EU – and all of them have their own stories and interests. Discover examples of how the EU makes a difference in a collection of five short films. From two siblings who invite the rest of Europe to their village, to a dancer who starts a business in the most unlikely of places, find out how the EU gives every person the power to do what they love.


Come visit our EUandME stand!

Want to know more about EUandME? We would love to meet you. Come visit our stand, watch the movies on a big screen and enter our special giveaway. You’re also welcome to bring your friends and take photos in our Photobooth. The photos will be printed on the spot so you can bring them home. See you there!


  • Find a job, work and live in any EU Member State. Read more
  • Get training, gain important skills and prepare for the future. Read more
  • Get emergency healthcare anywhere in the EU. Read more
  • See the sights of Europe easily. Read more

The Living Hostel, directed by Matthias Hoene


  • Enjoy clean water, cleaner air and protected nature. Read more
  • Make a difference in the fight against climate change. Read more
  • Recycle, reuse, repair, and stop plastic getting into our seas. Read more
  • Eat healthy, safe and affordable food that’s fair to the people who produced it. Read more
  • Benefit from research that aims to help you, your family and the planet. Read more


Oona, directed by Zaida Bergroth

Skills & Business

  • Gain new skills by studying, training or volunteering abroad. Read more
  • Find a good job, or get coaching to help you. Read more
  • Start, manage and grow a business with support from the EU. Read more
  • Get paid holiday, maternity leave and other benefits when working. Read more

Party Animal, directed by Yorgos Zois


  • Call, text and use data at no extra cost when exploring the EU. Read more
  • Surf the internet from any country in the European Union. Read more
  • Know that your personal data is safe and being handled with care. Read more

The Loner, directed by Tomasz Konecki


  • Get compensation if transport is delayed, and get help in any EU country’s embassy abroad. Read more
  • Return items bought online within 14 days, and other rights as a consumer. Read more
  • Vote, stand in European elections and help fix Europe’s problems. Read more
  • Live in a democratic society that guarantees equality and protects your human rights. Read more

Debut, directed by Dalibor Matanić