Why Donate?


The Embassy Festival has been taking place in The Hague for 7 years, it offers a cultural world trip of two days in the heart of The Hague. Since The Hague is an embassy city and is home to many international institutions and companies the world comes together in The Hague. The Embassy Festival makes this international wealth accessible and visible. The festival presents the cultural richness of the participating countries and entices visitors to meet each other. Insights into other cultures are refuted and deepened in an almost casual manner. In the most literal sense, the Embassy Festival shows that culture fraternizes. Where else but in our International City of Peace & Justice do you see all countries just celebrating culture? Where do you see ambassadors taking off their ties, putting on an apron and helping visitors get the best snacks from their country?


The Embassy Festival connects visitors from all over the world in an accessible way. We hope to keep on doing this. However the Coronacrisis has also hit our organisation hard, with festivals and events not being permitted until a vaccine has been found. With your donation we hope to keep our organisation alive so that we can organise many more Embassy Festivals in the upcoming years and create the magical moments we are known for.


Embassy Festival is part of Life I Live BV therefore you will see this on your account statement.

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