2nd of September at Embassy Festival

Starting at 13:50

The Culture Parade: Celebrating Unity in Diversity

Get ready for a vivid burst of cultures, colors, and traditions at the Embassy Festival’s Culture Parade. This dynamic procession is a fusion of diverse heritages, uniting people from around the world in a vibrant display.

From Diversity to Unity

At 13:50, the Culture Parade kicks off, led by a lively band, parading through Lange Voorhout. Each step is a celebration of cultures, as participants proudly showcase their traditional attire and colors. The parade’s finale at the Creative Arena marks a moment of unity, where each culture takes center stage.

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Colors of Unity

We invite you to bring your flags and cultural colors, turning the parade into a kaleidoscope of unity. Let’s paint Lange Voorhout with the hues of global togetherness.

Capture the Moment

Don’t miss this mesmerizing spectacle on September 2nd. Share your Culture Parade moments with #EmbassyFestival2023 and be part of a movement that celebrates the richness of cultures from around the world.

Join us at the Culture Parade!

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RECAP EMBASSY FESTIVAL ✨ We came, we saw, and we celebrated diversity in style! We can’t wait for next year! What was your favourite Embassy Festival moment? Share your memories with us ☁️#EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague
A colorful flashback to this years Cultural Parade! We marched, danced, and celebrated diverse cultures from around the world 🌎🌍🌏 #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague
At the Cultural Market, cultures from around the world wove their stories through food, clothing, and more. 🥟🧉👘 We can’t wait to see and taste what the embassies bring next year! #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague
Looking back at the Embassy Festival 2023, where our Activity Passports were the treasure maps to festival fun! Participants tackled tasks, collected stamps, and turned each page into a memory of cultural exploration. 📔🌟 #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #TheHague
When culture makes a fashion show! Embassy festival 2023 was filled with amazing cultural dresses and costumes. Did you get a picture with anybody in an amazing outfit? ✨

#EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague #dance #dancing #culture #denhaag #outfit #outfitoftheday
All cultures from all around the world dance at Embassy Festival! Thank you for bringing your culture to the embassy festival 2023 💃🕺 #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague #dance #dancing #culture #denhaag
Calling all parents and little adventurers! Our festival has entertainment for everyone. We even have a Kids Corner hosted by @big_ben_kids! 🌟
About last night… Thank you to all the embassies, the crew and the public for making this years Embassy Tour a great one. 🇵🇦🇨🇿🇨🇲🇧🇴🇱🇹🇦🇿

#EmbassyFestival2023 #Culturelovers #CultureParade #TheHague