2nd of September at Embassy Festival

Starting at 13:50

The Culture Parade: Celebrating Unity in Diversity

Get ready for a vivid burst of cultures, colors, and traditions at the Embassy Festival’s Culture Parade. This dynamic procession is a fusion of diverse heritages, uniting people from around the world in a vibrant display.

From Diversity to Unity

At 13:50, the Culture Parade kicks off, led by a lively band, parading through Lange Voorhout. Each step is a celebration of cultures, as participants proudly showcase their traditional attire and colors. The parade’s finale at the Creative Arena marks a moment of unity, where each culture takes center stage.

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Colors of Unity

We invite you to bring your flags and cultural colors, turning the parade into a kaleidoscope of unity. Let’s paint Lange Voorhout with the hues of global togetherness.

Capture the Moment

Don’t miss this mesmerizing spectacle on September 2nd. Share your Culture Parade moments with #EmbassyFestival2023 and be part of a movement that celebrates the richness of cultures from around the world.

Join us at the Culture Parade!

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Te gast bij Border Kitchen | Simon Goodman
De zoektocht naar de kunstschat van mijn familie, gestolen door de nazi's
Gepresenteerd door Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam

Datum: Maandag 11 september 2023, om 18:00 uur
Locatie: Crossing Border, Kerkstraat 11, Den Haag
Taal: Engels

Duik in de geschiedenis en erfgoed terwijl Simon Goodman het podium betreedt om zijn boeiende verhaal te delen. Ontdek de intrigerende zoektocht naar de kunstschat van zijn familie, gestolen door de nazi's. Dit evenement, in samenwerking met het Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam, belooft een avond vol reflectie en inzichten.

Toegang is gratis, maar plaatsen zijn beperkt. Zorg dat je erbij bent door een e-mail te sturen naar Mis deze kans niet om betrokken te raken bij een krachtig verhaal dat generaties overspant. Sluit je aan bij Crossing Border voor een avond die de tijd overstijgt en het belang van het behoud van ons verleden benadrukt.
RECAP EMBASSY FESTIVAL ✨ We came, we saw, and we celebrated diversity in style! We can’t wait for next year! What was your favourite Embassy Festival moment? Share your memories with us ☁️#EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague
A colorful flashback to this years Cultural Parade! We marched, danced, and celebrated diverse cultures from around the world 🌎🌍🌏 #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague
At the Cultural Market, cultures from around the world wove their stories through food, clothing, and more. 🥟🧉👘 We can’t wait to see and taste what the embassies bring next year! #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague
Looking back at the Embassy Festival 2023, where our Activity Passports were the treasure maps to festival fun! Participants tackled tasks, collected stamps, and turned each page into a memory of cultural exploration. 📔🌟 #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #TheHague
When culture makes a fashion show! Embassy festival 2023 was filled with amazing cultural dresses and costumes. Did you get a picture with anybody in an amazing outfit? ✨

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All cultures from all around the world dance at Embassy Festival! Thank you for bringing your culture to the embassy festival 2023 💃🕺 #EmbassyFestival2023 #CultureLovers #CultureParade #TheHague #dance #dancing #culture #denhaag
Calling all parents and little adventurers! Our festival has entertainment for everyone. We even have a Kids Corner hosted by @big_ben_kids! 🌟