Please read the full Terms and Conditions carefully. Below you will see important points for your participation in the International Market.


Activity Notifications:

  • Participants must inform the organisation of all planned activities at their stand (performances, workshops, demonstrations) before July 31, 2024. The organisation reserves the right to deny or relocate these activities.
  • Notification is required if participants intend to bring a sound system; the organisation may prohibit its use or mandate volume adjustments to prevent interference with the stage programme.
  • Participant must inform the organisation if extra space is needed, before July 1, 2024.


Third-Party Involvement:

  • Participants must notify the organisation of any third-party involvement (companies, restaurants, caterers, brands) by July 1, 2024.
  • The organisation reserves the right to reject third-party participation if it does not align with the values of the Embassy Festival.


Stand Management:

  • Participants are required to remain at their stand until a post-festival inspection confirms all rented materials are in place, undamaged, and the area is clean.
  • A form must be signed to confirm this inspection. Departure before the inspection may result in additional charges for damages, missing materials, or cleaning costs.


Operational Hours:

  • Stands must be staffed from 12:00 to 20:00 hours. Early departure may result in exclusion from future events.


Sales Restrictions:

  • The primary purpose of participation is to promote the culture of the participants, not to sell large quantities of products or promote companies.
  • Sales are only permissible if they contribute to the cultural promotion of the participating embassy/organisation. Products such as Coca-Cola or Heineken are not allowed.
  • The organisation reserves the right to halt any sales at their discretion, even on the day of the festival. Participants should confirm the acceptability of their products in advance via email.


Setup and Cleanup:

  • Setup is allowed on Saturday from 9:00 to 11:00 hours. All vehicles must be removed from the festival area half an hour before the event begins.
  • Post-event, vehicles are only permitted after the area is cleared of visitors, expected around 21:00 hours, following the organisation’s signal.
  • Parking on Lange Voorhout or on the grass is strictly prohibited. Participants are responsible for cleaning their own stand and disposing of waste properly. Fines apply for improper disposal (€150 for waste, €200 for liquids).


Safety and Compliance:

  • Serving drinks in glass or glass bottles is not permitted.
  • Stands must remain staffed until the end of the festival at 20:00 hours. Post-event vehicle entry will be managed by the organisation.
  • If you are planning on cooking you must let the organisation know before July 1, 2024.



  • Fines will be imposed for waste disposal violations (€150) and improper disposal of liquids (€200).
  • Participants will be charged for any damages to stands or festival areas resulting from negligence.


Contact Information:

  • Participants must provide the name and mobile phone number of the representative who will be present at the festival, by August 30, 2024.