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The Embassy Festival is an international event that spotlights the many different cultures through a bustling programme of music, activities, art, theatre, culinary delights, and readings. We invite all to embrace this opportunity to set aside differences and unite in a shared celebration of cultures. The Embassy Festival is not an event for solely embassies; it’s a bold statement in favour of peace and unity through cultural exchange from all corners of our world.

The Embassy Festival 2024 will take place on Saturday 7 September 2024 from 12:00 – 20:00 hrs on the Lange Voorhout, The Hague.

Participants of the Embassy Festival agree to the hereinafter provided conditions for promoting their culture during Embassy Festival 2024. Participants are obliged to follow the rules and regulations and will be held responsible for this. Not complying with these rules will have consequences such as fines or exclusion from participation (in the future).



1. General rules and regulations
1.1 Registration is only possible by completing the official participation form, signed and returned to the organisation. This form must be signed and returned to the organisation before July 1st, 2024. The organisation will then inform you if your participation is confirmed.
1.2 The organisation reserves the right to reject your application. Complaints about this part of the selection are not possible. Our decision is final, and disputes are not possible.
1.3 Upon registration, the participant automatically agrees to the terms and conditions and acknowledges that they have read them by signing this document and as confirmed in the application form.
1.4 The participant is obliged to follow the instructions of the organisation at all times.
1.5 Any action contrary to the guidelines of the organisation, the municipality regulations, the individual agreement and all behaviours that interfere with the safety at the festival site, may result in the exclusion and removal of the participant. If the participant and their employees refuse to follow the guidelines of the organisation, then the organisation can appeal to the public power to remove them from the festival site. Costs incurred by this will be charged to the participant.
1.6 The participant and their employees hereby agree to our Embassy Festival Code of Conduct document.



2. Costs and payment terms
2.1 The participation costs and other costs can be found on the festival ‘Participation’ web page and the application form.
2.2 Payments occur via an invoice; the participant must comply with the payment terms as stated on the invoice. Payments must be received no later than 4 weeks before the event.
2.3 In case of late payment, the participant can be excluded from participation (in the future).
2.4 The organisation reserves the right, for each overdue notice or time extension, to charge a lump-sum penalty of €5.00 for the first notice, €10.00 for the second notice and €16.00 for the third notice.
2.5 All mentioned amounts are excluding 21% VAT.
2.6 We are legally required to charge VAT for our services and goods. We cannot exclude VAT from our pricing and invoicing, even if your organisation is exempt from VAT. Therefore, it is your responsibility to claim the VAT back from the Dutch tax authorities.



3. Stage programme
3.1 Deadline for registration for the Embassy Festival Stage Programme is July 1st, 2024.
3.2 The deadline for the complete submission and approval of the stage programme is July 15, 2024, and must be agreed upon with our stage programme manager.
3.3 The organisation does not charge any costs for proposing a stage programme during the registration process.
3.4 Registering for the stage programme does not guarantee participation. The organisation reserves the right to reject the performance.
3.5 The organisation reserves the right to not accept certain programmes that do not fit within the vision of the Embassy Festival.
3.6 Stage programme ideas that are funded by an embassy will be taken into consideration by the organisation.
3.7 New stage programme ideas get priority to performances that have been shown during previous editions of the festival.
3.8 One performance per stage is allowed per participant.



4. International Market
4.1 Deadline for registration in the International Market is July 1st, 2024.
4.2 Furniture orders can be made until July 31st, 2024. This must be done via email to the organisation.



General rules and regulations

4.3 When participating in the International Market the participants are obliged to staff the stand from 12:00 – 20:00 hrs.
4.4 Leaving your stand before the end of the festival, 20:00 hrs, can result in exclusion in the future editions of the Embassy Festival.
4.5 The International Market is for promoting your culture, not for selling large quantities of products or promoting companies. The organisation reserves the right to exclude products or companies if it does not see how this contributes to promoting the participant’s culture.
4.6 Sales are only allowed when they contribute to the promotion of the participating culture. Therefore, the sale of general products such as Coca-Cola or Heineken beers or any product not related to the heritage of the participating culture will not be allowed to be sold by the participant. The organisation reserves the right to order the participant to stop selling products, even on the festival day itself, by their own discretion. If you are unsure if the product you want to sell is allowed, please e-mail the organisation in advance to check if the products will be approved.
4.7 Each participant is responsible for his or her stand. The organisation cannot be held liable for theft and/or damage of any kind.
4.8 Participants are obliged to inform the organisation before July 1st, 2024, of any third parties that might be involved (company/restaurant/caterer/brand) in the International Market. The organisation has the right to reject third-party participation should it not be in line with the values of the Embassy Festival.
4.9 It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all third-party organisations adhere to our rules and regulations by informing them of the Terms & Conditions and the Code of Conduct of the Embassy Festival.
4.10 There will only be a certain amount of pavilions and pagodas available, we work with the first come first serve principle. After this we will comply a waiting list, if a tent will be available, this will be allocated to the first one on the list. Each participant can rent a maximum of two objects excluding market stalls. For instance, two pavilions or one pagoda and one pavilion.
4.11 The rented accommodation will be placed according to the festival map. Therefore, market stalls will always be placed in the market stall ‘street’. In accordance with this, if participants rent both a pagoda and a market stall, they will not be placed next to each other.
4.12 The festival organisation will compose a map of the International Market as soon as there is a good indication of all the participants and the number of stands. We will assign every participant to a suitable place, considering participants’ preferences as much as possible. No changes can be made after the map is composed.
4.13 In case the participant would like to be placed next to another participant or company, or if you prefer not to be placed next to another participant or company, please notify the organisation a minimum of two months before the festival.
4.14 Participants are not allowed to change positions within the International Market.
4.15 The participant is obliged to stay at their stand after the festival until the organisation has done a check to make sure all the rented materials are in place, that there are no damages, and that no garbage is left at the stand. The participant must sign a form which confirms that all materials are in place and that the rented materials are undamaged.
4.16 When the participant leaves before the check has been performed this may result in an additional invoice for possible damaged, missing materials or cleaning costs.
4.17 The participant is responsible for decorating, the layout and the finish of their stand at the festival.
4.18 Rain or bad weather is no reason for us to cancel; tents and trees provide adequate shelter.
4.19 In preparation of the festival additional rules may be imposed by third parties. The participant will be obliged to comply with these rules, the organisation will inform the participant in time.
4.20 The festival area does not have drinking water taps. The participant is self-responsible for bringing enough water for their use.



Cooking & food

4.21 At the International Market, BBQs, gas stoves, and deep fryers must be placed outside the pavilion, pagoda, or market stall. Participants are required to rent additional fences, fire extinguishers, and extra square meters in advance. If these are not requested or rented beforehand, the organisation reserves the right to prohibit the use of these appliances.
4.22 The organisation will allocate the location for the fences.
4.23 A maximum of two BBQs, frying pans, gas stoves or a combination is allowed per pavilion or pagoda.
4.24 A maximum of one BBQ, frying pan or gas stove is allowed per market stall.
4.25 It is obliged to register the use of a BBQ, gas stove and/or deep fryer before the 1st of July.
4.26 When cooking, it is obliged to rent a fire extinguisher from the organisation before the 1st of July. This also applies to electric stoves etc.
4.27 When renting a fire extinguisher, a deposit of €50,- is required. The deposit must be paid in cash on the day of the festival and will be returned at the end of the day after returning the fire extinguisher.
4.28 Open fire, such as a fire pit, is highly prohibited.
4.29 At the stand only 1 extra gas tank is allowed. The distance between a gas tank and other gas tanks or fuels intended for heating must be at least 5 meters. Gas tanks must always be stored in the shade.
4.30 The participant shall ensure that the installation meets all requirements (such as gas tanks or gas pipes).
4.31 The participant must comply to the relevant regulations and guidelines of the municipality, fire department, police and organisation. The fire brigade might carry out safety inspections and possibly proceed to the rejection of unsafe equipment. The organisation is not responsible for fire disapproval.
4.32 The organisation cannot be held liable if the technical installation in the stand is rejected by the fire department or another controlling party.
4.33 If a defect is detected during a check, the participant risks that the stand will be closed temporarily or for the whole duration of the festival. Please check your appliances throughout before the festival.
4.34 The participant is obliged to inform the organisation if they will be preparing food at the festival.
4.35 When selling food and drinks as a stand holder of the Embassy Festival the participant complies with all the current regulations, permits and requirements of the Dutch Food Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit).
4.36 The participant meets the requirements for hygiene for caterers in (semi) permanent locations.
4.37 The participant must comply with all legal, technical and safety regulations for the provision of selling/preparing food on the festival grounds. Food should be prepared and served in accordance with valid hygiene standards. When the nature of the work requires touching food with the hands there must be a facility present to wash hands. It’s the participant’s responsibility to make sure there is such a facility. All work should always be done according to HACCP regulations. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Participants are responsible for the implementation of these rules.




4.38 The participant is obliged to inform the organisation which appliances will be used during the festival and the power need (wattage) of each electric appliance before the 1st of July 2024. If appliances are not reported to the festival organisation, the organisation reserves the right to deny the participant the use of these appliances.
4.39 The participant is responsible that the correct amount of electricity is ordered. If you are not sure if the power option will be sufficient, please e-mail the organisation for assistance.
4.40 The festival organisation cannot be held responsible for any power outage during the festival.
4.41 The participant is responsible to bring functioning power extension cords if needed.
4.42 It is not allowed to place a power strip outside the tent. To avoid power outages in case of rain.




4.43 It is not permitted to serve drinks in glass or glass bottles.
4.44 As of January 1, 2024, Dutch legislation enforces a strict prohibition on the use of disposable plastic cups and food packaging on-site. Participants are obliged to use sustainable alternatives such as biodegradable disposables.
4.45 The organisation reserves the right to oblige the participant to work with sustainable products, such as hard plastic cups. Either provided by the organisation or the participant itself. The organisation will inform the participant in time.
4.46 The organisation will be doing checks on your disposable products during the festival to see if you comply with the rules. Not complying with the rules may result in fines.
4.47 You are responsible for answering any questions the organisation may have regarding your use of disposables at the Embassy Festival to ensure compliance with Dutch legislation on disposables.



Programme within the International Market

4.48 The participant is obliged to inform the organisation of all activities planned at the stand before the 31st of July 2024. For instance, performances, workshops or demonstrations. The organisation reserves the right to deny or relocate the activity.
4.49 The participant is obliged to inform the organisation if they will be bringing a sound system. The organisation reserves the right to not allow the sound system or to tell the participant to turn it down, to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the stage programme.


Activity Passport

4.50 Participation in the Activity Passport is always at the discretion of the organisation, and space is limited.
4.51 Passport activities must promote and introduce visitors to culture and not be intended to make sales.
4.52 Activities listed in the Activity Passport must always be free of charge for its users.
4.53 Missing deadlines for the Activity Passport will result in exclusion from it.



4.54 The participant is not allowed to use more space than the dimensions of your tent. If more space is needed, the participant must rent an additional m2 outside the tent. Requests for additional space must be made by July 1st, 2024.
4.55 If the participant wants to use space outside the tent to place any materials, the participant is obliged to rent an additional m2 outside the tent. Requests for additional space must be made by July 1st 2024, and cannot be requested on the festival day. Additional costs may apply.
4.56 It is not allowed to bring your own (additional) tent.
4.57 It is not allowed to bring materials that can be rented through the Embassy Festival organisation. On the Participation Page online you can find a list of materials that can be rented through the Embassy Festival.
4.58 Each pavilion and/or Pagoda will standard have 3 tent cloths (walls). If the participants want to adjust the number of tent cloths, the organisation must be informed before July 31, 2024.



Un-loading, getting ready and clearing out

4.59 On the 7th of September, the festival site is open from 9:00 – 11:00 for participants to set up and decorate their stands. After 11:00 no cars will be allowed on to the festival grounds. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they are on time to unload materials.
4.60 All cars need to have a filled-out unload pass under their windshield. If the unload pass is not filled out under the windshield, the car will not be granted access to the festival area. Furthermore, if a car is parked in the festival area without a filled-out unload pass the participant risks exclusion from participation. Unload passes will be sent to you by email before the festival.
4.61 An hour before the event begins (11:00) the festival area needs to be free of all cars. If a car is still in the festival area the participant will be at risk for a fine or excluded from participation.
4.62 Please note that cars will not be allowed in the festival area directly after the event. Due to the safety of our visitors, the festival terrain must be free of visitors before any car can be approved to go on the festival terrain. In turn, the cars will get a signal from the organisation when they are allowed on the festival terrain. When a participant’s car is in the festival area without approval from the festival organisation the participant will receive a fine and be excluded from participation in the future.
4.63 It is highly prohibited to wait in the car at the entrance of the festival site until the festival site is cleared for traffic. When a participant’s car is waiting in front of the festival area before the festival site is cleared, the participant will be excluded from participation in the future since this could cause inconvenience to residents and emergency services, and ultimately cause a permit not to be issued next year.
4.64 Please note that parking is not provided; unloading materials is possible within the mentioned times.
4.65 It is highly prohibited to park a car on the Lange Voorhout.
4.66 It is highly prohibited to park a car on the grass at the Lange Voorhout, also during loading and unloading. Doing so will result in a fine.




4.67 The participant is obliged to inform the organisation if it wants to sell alcohol or provide (free) tasters to the visitors in the participation form before 1st of July 2024.
4.68 When providing alcohol to visitors, a permit is required. To get this permit, the participant is obliged to have a person present at the tent with a Social Hygiene (SVH) diploma at all times. The participant has to send the diploma and passport copy of the person that will be on the permit to the organisation before the 5th of July 2024.
4.69 When selling alcohol an additional fee of €120, – should be paid, in the case of a free tasting the fee is €55,- Both prices are excluding VAT.
4.70 Only low-alcohol beverages (less than 15%) may be offered or sold.
4.71 In case the organisation finds alcohol with a percentage higher than 15% is present on the festival grounds, the organisation will confiscate the alcohol until after the end of the festival with the possible consequence of exclusion from participation in the upcoming editions and/or a fine of €250,00.
4.72 The organisation sets a minimum price for the sale of alcohol. It is highly prohibited to set prices below this minimum. The prices are as follows:

Beer: 25 cl (centilitre) €4 – and 0.5 cl €8,-

Wine: 14 cl €5,00

Premixed drinks: 25 cl €8,50
4.73 It is forbidden to provide alcoholic beverages to a person who appears drunk or under the influence of drugs.
4.74 Offering alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited and may result in a fine.



Damages and cleaning
4.75 The participant takes care of cleaning their own stand and their waste. Leaving waste at the stand or the surroundings will result in extra charges of minimum €150,-
4.76 The organisation provides the cleaning of the festival area, the terraces and the toilet facilities.
4.77 It is highly prohibited to dump frying fat, oils, or any other liquids at the festival area. Leaving fat, oils, or other liquids at the stand or the surroundings can result in a fine of minimum €200,-
4.78 Any damages to the stand or the festival area as a result of left garbage or dumping liquids will be charged to the participant.



5. Liability and insurance
5.1 Participation in the festival is at his or her peril. The organisation is in no way liable for any damage suffered by participation in the festival. The organisation cannot be held responsible for the weather or damages suffered by participants, third parties and visitors through accidents or any harmful fact.
5.2 The organisation is not liable for any loss of profits, indirect losses, or damages incurred by the participant.
5.3 The organisation is not responsible for the proper functioning of any technical installation or for any damage that may arise for the participant.



6. Cancellation & alterations
6.1 The organisation reserves the right to change the date of the event or cancel the event in case of exceptional circumstances out of her reach such as fire, storm, flood, national mourning, strike, war, riots, Government actions, natural disasters, evacuation etc.
6.2 If the festival is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, as mentioned in 6.1, the organisation will only refund the amount covered by the festival’s expense insurance policy.
6.3 Cancellations or alterations can only be processed if the participant informs the organisation in writing no later than 7 days after submitting the original order and no later than the 1st of July.
6.4 After the 1st of July or once the participation contract has been signed, any subsequent alterations will incur an additional fee of €30,- for extra services (‘extra service fee’) for request. Please note that this does not guarantee that alterations are possible.
6.5 Cancellations or alterations can only be done if the participant informs the organisation in writing.
6.6 Alterations to the furniture order can be made, without extra service fee, until the 31st of July 2024.
6.7 If a cancellation is made more than 7 days after the application is submitted but no later than July 31st, 2024, the participant will be required to pay 50% of the placed order on the original application form.
6.8 When a cancellation is made after the 31st of July 2024, the participant will be obliged to pay 100% of the placed order on the original application form.