The participant is obliged to inform the organisation if it wants to sell alcohol or provide (free) tasters to the visitors, in order to obtain a permit, before July 1, 2024.


A person with a Social Hygiene (SVH) diploma to be present at all times, is needed. The participant must send the diploma and passport copy of this person to the organisation in advance.


Only low-alcohol beverages (less than 15%) are allowed.


Alcohol exceeding 15% will be confiscated, potentially leading to a €250 fine and future participation bans.


The organisation sets a minimum price for the sale of alcohol. It is highly prohibited to set prices below this minimum.

The prices are as follows:
€4,- for 25 cl beer
€8,- for 50 cl beer
€5,- for 14 cl wine
€8.50 for 25 cl premixed drinks.


Providing alcohol to intoxicated individuals or anyone under 18 is strictly prohibited and may result in fines.

Providing free alcohol tasting

Selling alcohol


(Ex. 21% VAT)


(Ex. 21% VAT)

If you have applied for a permit for selling alcohol or providing free alcohol tasting, you must submit an SVH diploma and a copy of (the diploma holder’s) passport before July 5, 2024. You can send the diploma and passport to