Traditional Thai Dance

CREATIVE ARENA (16:15 – 16:30)

Step into the ancient world of Thailand through a mesmerizing dance performance inspired by the Dvaravati Carving Stone at Phra That Ya Khu. This tale of forbidden love unfolds against the backdrop of a turbulent era marked by the warring factions of Phaya Chan Rat and Pha Pha Daet.

Witness the story of Fa Yard, the daughter of Pha Pha Daet, whose heart belongs to the valiant warrior Phaya Chan Rat. Experience their tragic fate in a dance that encapsulates the full range of human emotions—from love and desire to sorrow and loss.

The performance culminates with the poignant gesture of Pha Pha Daet erecting twin pagodas to honor the tragic love story. It’s a narrative so powerful it transcends time, offering a reflective look at the human costs of war and the enduring power of love.

Don’t miss this emotionally charged dance that brings to life a haunting love story carved in stone, offering an unforgettable glimpse into Thailand’s rich cultural heritage.