CREATIVE ARENA (13:25 – 13:40)

PERFORMANCE SPACE (17:10 – 17:30)

Step into the enchanting world of Ukrainian traditions with MRIYA, a folk dance group that brings the ancient stories and rituals of Ukraine to life. The name MRIYA, which translates to ‘dream’ in Ukrainian, encapsulates the essence of their performance—reimagining the old-fashioned Ukrainian folk dances that serve as a living narrative, passed down from generation to generation.

Through their captivating dances and evocative music, MRIYA offers a unique window into the heart and soul of Ukrainian culture. Each step, each movement, tells a story that is both timeless and deeply rooted in Ukrainian folklore.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness authentic Ukrainian folklore in a heart-to-heart presentation that promises to transport you to the rural landscapes and close-knit communities of Ukraine. It’s more than just a dance; it’s a heartfelt journey into the very essence of a culture.