Grupo Cultural Ritmo Dominicano

PERFORMANCE SPACE (13:10 – 13:30)
CREATIVE ARENA (14:50 – 15:05)

Get ready to experience the exuberant spirit of the Dominican Republic with the Ritmo Dominicano Cultural Group, featuring the dynamic musician Rafael Espinal. The stage will come alive with vivid expressions of Dominican culture, set to the irresistible rhythms of merengue and bachata.

From the first beat to the last twirl, this performance is a high-energy celebration that invites you to join in the dance. Feel the warmth and happiness of the Caribbean as you sway, step, and spin to these iconic Dominican genres.

Step into a world of color and flavor, and let Ritmo Dominicano transport you straight to the vibrant streets of the Dominican Republic. This is more than a performance; it’s an invitation to revel in the joy and passion that define Dominican culture.