Ahmad Dari

CREATIVE ARENA (16:40 – 16:55)

Immerse yourself in the authentic melodies of Palestinian folk music with Ahmad Dari, a Jerusalem-born artist whose life and work span multiple continents and disciplines. Raised in the historic city of Damascus and later flourishing in France, Dari has dedicated his life to the celebration of Palestinian culture and the broader Arab world.

At the Embassy Festival 2023, Dari will grace us with a heartfelt performance of Palestinian folk songs, encapsulating the spirit of his homeland. Drawing upon his extensive background in Arabic calligraphy, diplomacy, and activism, Dari’s performance promises to be a poignant blend of art and narrative that speaks directly to the soul.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience the musical traditions of Palestine, brought to life by a man whose career embodies the rich tapestry of Palestinian cultural and artistic expression. Let Ahmad Dari’s songs transport you to the landscapes of Palestine, weaving a story of heritage, resilience, and unity.