Bettina Bánki

RIVER MOUNTAIN STAGE (12:00 – 12:35)

A Melodious Blend of Folk and Jazz at the Embassy Festival

Join us on September 2nd at the Embassy Festival as we welcome the phenomenal Bettina Bánki! Born in Budapest, Hungary, and now based in The Hague, Netherlands, Bettina is an extraordinary jazz vocalist currently studying at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

Bettina Bánki’s music is a beautiful fusion of her traditional roots and the captivating world of jazz. Growing up, she was deeply influenced by folk music, which is now the foundation of her musical journey. But her love for jazz, the universal language of music, connects her to audiences around the globe.

What’s unique about Bettina’s music is her ability to blend elements of folk and jazz in her own distinctive way. As a listener, you might find yourself immersed in her dreamy ballads about love, or be intrigued by her mystic side, where she tells captivating stories through her medium or fast-paced swings.

Bettina’s goal is more than just to perform. She aspires to connect with her audience, offering them something they can relate to and see the beauty in life. She believes in the transformative power of music and hopes to share its benefits with everyone.

Come witness Bettina Bánki’s mesmerizing performance at the Embassy Festival. It’s more than a performance, it’s an experience!