An open and free event for everybody to attend.


On September 2nd, The Hague – The city of peace and justice – shows its true spirit and houses the best of numerous amount of cultural participants in one place (more than 50 in 2022), het Lange Voorhout, by sharing their finest foods, musicians, and performers. At our Embassy Tour on Friday the 1st of September, you’ll be guided by a physical tour through the Embassies themselves and exclusively invited to experience their hospitalities in-house.  “The Hague: Home to the world.” These were the opening words of Mayor van Zanen for the Embassy Festival in 2022.


Embracing unity & diversity

Our primary mission is to bring people together and create unique encounters while showcasing their traditions and culture. Embracing the unity in diversity even in today’s society. With several platforms and experiences, we show the diversity and beauty of cultural participants from all over the world.


Theme stages with great international performances and folk music

The Mountain & River Stage and The Creative Arena presents a broad variety of classical, traditional and new music as well as dance performances, music and theatre from all over the world. In between the International Market and besides the stages, the Embassy Festival will create areas where visitors can be amazed and surprised with small dance performances, parades and theatre.


International Market & Kids Compound

The International Market is the beating heart of the Embassy Festival and is the place to be to get submerged in a unique melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Discover the Embassy Festival with your offspring with this year’s new Children’s Passport.

Taste the world as you walk past all the culinary delights that the participants have prepared. Learn about the countries as you stroll through the International Market. Enlighten your senses as you are dazzled by world music and dance performances on our stages. Bring your children and let them also have unique experiences at the Kids Compound.


Embassy Tour

A physical tour around the city where cultures are represented on their own turf, in their own embassy. Participating embassies open up their doors and welcome several, small (switching) groups of people during the evening.

The Embassy Tour will be held on the evening before the Embassy Festival at the Lange Voorhout. The tour starts at one of the participating embassies, and from thereon the groups follow their route to visit the other embassies in the tour.

After movie Embassy Festival 2022