Bolivia Minka – Afro Bolivian Dances

CREATIVE ARENA 14:40 – 14:55

An organisation dedicated and committed to the dissemination and promotion of the extensive collection of Bolivian dances, music and costumes in the Netherlands. The name of the group “Minka” reveals its origin, which means “community or collective voluntary work for social utility or reciprocal purposes” in Quechua. Today’s dance performance includes the development of 3 Afro Bolivian dances.

  1. La Saya
    Is a dance that originated in the subtropical Yungas region of Bolivia. One of the places where African communities arose after the process of slavery. This dance combines elements of African origin with Spanish and Aymara elements. The women wear skirts with different coloured strips. The whole blouse is embroidered and decorated with ribbons. In one hand, they wear a hat and from one arm, a coloured blanket is folded.

2. Tundiqui
Dance that evokes the suffering of the slaves brought from Africa to Bolivia during the Spanish colonial era. The combination of Andean and African culture gave rise to the dance of the “Tundiquis”.

3. Caporales
In the 1970s, young dancers from Caporales decided to form a group that broke away from the classic Saya and Tundiqui. With their dances, they breathed new life into Bolivian
folklore. Today’s youth have given this dance an official character and yet they have retained the historical values of the Caporal or foreman.