Situated at the heart of the Southeast Asian mainland between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Thailand is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Thailand has something to offer almost everyone. Thailand provides travellers with a safe and friendly environment. Our capital, Bangkok, is bustling with commerce and street life at all hours of the day and night, and is famous for its street food. In 2021, Bangkok tops the world list of ‘workation’ (ideal for both remote work and leisure). Thailand has a rich cultural heritage, evident in the numerous magnificent structures throughout the country. Our islands, where all visitors concur that such earthly paradises are second to none among all islands in the world. Aside from natural beauty, the Islands are brimming with exciting entertainment and exhilarating parties as well as relaxing Thai massage spas to sooth your souls. As we celebrate “Visit Thailand Year 2022”, Thailand has now opened its door for all travellers.


CREATIVE ARENA 17:55 - 18:05 I–San Sanook Sanaan, or The Fun of I-San, is a series of folk dances originating from

This embassy will be showcasing her culture at the International Market of the Embassy Festival 2022! Come and visit them