Land of culture, civilization and authenticity, the charm of Morocco attracts visitors. From the North to the South, the Kingdom of Morocco is well-known for its breathtaking architecture and interwoven history and legends. Fortified walls, medinas, minarets, monumental gates, the country remains perfectly preserved. Morocco has a long-standing and rich history. Traces of the past still lives on since pre-Roman, Phoenician and prehistoric era. Morocco’s diverse cultural heritage is reflected all over the country and promises an enriching stay for our guests. A warm welcome, the charm of Moroccan art of living, magnificent landscapes, a secular tangible and intangible culture, everything was thought to offer the visitor an unforgettable stay. Morocco’s culinary heritage embraces the deep-rooted traditions and cultural diversity of the country. Couscous, Tajine, Pastilla, Mrouzia, and R’fissa, are some of the emblematic dishes of the country that no one can resist. With an amazing wide variety of outstanding flavours and scents, Moroccan cuisine draws its originality from a rich combination between Amazigh, Arab-Andalusian, and Jewish culinary traditions.


CREATIVE ARENA 13:25 - 13:40 Moroccan dance and live music

This embassy will be showcasing her culture at the International Market of the Embassy Festival 2022! Come and visit them