Włodek Pawlik Trio is one of the most celebrated groups of Polish jazz that has achieved a substantial success at international level. The most prominent accomplishment was the participation in the recording of the first Polish Grammy-winning album “Night In Calisia”, along with Randy Brecker and Kalisz Philharmonic Orchestra. Night In Calisia ended up in the highest echelons of the list of best-selling albums in Poland. Jazz mixed with classical virtuosity and Slavic roots is what the group stands for. Włodek Pawlik was already announced at the North Sea Jazz Festival as the ‘Horowitz of jazz’. Hear hear! 

The special guest of the concert will be singer Anka Koziel.
Anka is a versatile vocalist, composer, arranger and educator based in the Netherlands. In her singing she combines jazz improvisation, world music, extensive vocal techniques and any sound that she can produce with her voice to create interesting sound-scapes. She teaches jazz voice, odd meter combo and jazz choir at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and is an authorised Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) teacher.