The music of Emine Bostanci: Dareyn combines the mystical sound of the kemenche (a kind of violin) with its heritage of traditional music originating in Istanbul and the Silk Road. All this heritage together with the deep-rooted sound of the cello in a contemporary fashion and the hypnotizing rhythms of the percussion. The vocals this all blends together to a unique mesmerizing soundscape.  

In western popular music, music is mainly played in major or minor scales. Modal music though follows different music scales, like in western folk music. Dareyn mainly plays oriental modal scales, which gives the music its freshness and ‘otherness’. Sometimes melancholic or serene, sometimes playful and exhilarating, Dareyn opens new worlds for the listener. 

Emine Bostanci plays the lyrical kemenche and fuses makams, taksim and elements of sufi music with her rich musical experience in world music.  

Maya Fridman sings and plays the cello and combines classical western music with contemporary and world music styles and improvisation.  

Jacobus Thiele’s unique percussion set combines instruments from different parts of the world. With his extensive background in jazz and world music he creates new rhythmical soundscapes.