“Grooves from a hip hop kid with a Ghana soul”   

Kay Slice cuts, strikes and heals. And he’s on a musical mission.  

Wonder what that sounds like? Picture a blend of hip hop, soul and afrobeat: meditations on self-love, identity and everything that crosses the quest of finding yourself.  

With its experimental sound and layered lyrics, his hip hop formation Brandwerk gets awarded with a multitude of prizes. Even though Kay dwells well on the dynamics of a group and appreciates the experience he’s gaining as a live performer and moves on as a solo identity. Rap alone doesn’t suffice anymore: his message asks for a broader musical pallet. He started studying xylophone/balafon at the University Of Ghana and combines rap with melodies, which made his (artistic) heart start to uncover. In the Ghanaian church he finds himself engrossed in spiritual gospel music. 

Kevin Adu Yeboah Martin makes music as Kay Slice. His debut album ‘From Back To Back’ received 4 stars rating in NRC, performed with his live band at 3FM, Radio2 and VPRO.  

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