Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon

Cameroon has a rich and diverse culture made up of a mix of about 250 indigenous populations and just as many languages and customs. It is called Little Africa -as geographically- Cameroon consists of coastline, mountains, grass plains, forest, rainforest and desert, all of the geographical regions in Africa in one country. This also contributes to its cultural diversity as ways of life and traditional food dishes and traditions vary from geographical region to geographical region.

Cameroon’s culture consists of numerous religions 68% Christians including 38% Catholics, 21% Muslims and 6% animists Much like its topography and its people, the cuisine of Cameroon is also known to be one of the most diverse in the continent.

You are cordially invited to come and taste its rich and delicious cuisine as well as the incredible exhibition of our homeland handicraft, fashion fair and the talented NJEMBE BAND ZAMANA.



On the Saturday the 2nd of September 2023 will the International Market of the Embassy Festival take place at the