Canadian Cupcakery

Canadian Cupcakery is participating in the Embassy Festival 2023.


We’re thrilled to be joining the Embassy Festival once again for our 5th year representing Canada. Get ready to dive into a delectable experience brought to you by The Canadian Cupcakery and Maple Abroad. Bringing a slice of true Canadian goodness, we’ve got your cravings covered with our irresistible lineup. From the rich sweetness of maple syrup to the nostalgic charm of butter tarts and Nanaimo bars, we’ve got the taste of Canada you’ve been dreaming of. And let’s not forget our superstar, the Maple Bacon cupcake – a mouthwatering delight that’s won hearts, one bite at a time. But here’s the scoop, eh – we sell out faster than you can say “Maple!” So, make sure to swing by early and secure your piece of Canadian culinary heaven. Join us in celebrating our 5th anniversary at the Embassy Festival, where The Canadian Cupcakery and Maple Abroad are here to whisk you away on a sweet journey back to the Great White North. See you there!

Canadian Cupcakery


On the Saturday the 2nd of September 2023 will the International Market of the Embassy Festival take place at the