Embassy of Ecuador

Ecuador the country of the 4 worlds! Ecuador has specialized in the production of high-quality products and food, like shrimps (2nd exporter in the world), bananas (1st exporter in the world), canned tuna (2nd exporter in the world), flowers (2nd exporter in the word and the one with the most varieties in the world), cocoa (1st fine aroma cocoa exporter in the world), hearts of palm (1st exporter of hearts of palm canned), arabica and robusta coffee (one of the few countries to grow both varieties), exotic fruit, superfoods, toquilla straw hats (also known as ‘Montecristi’ or ‘Panama’ hats), sustainable fashion accessories (like alpaca and wool clothes or tagua buttons), among others.


A nature lover’s paradise, Ecuador is one of 17 countries in the world classified as “megadiverse” by UNESCO, with an incredible variety of birds, mammals and orchids. In fact Ecuador is the most megadiverse country per square kilometer in that list. It is rich in natural resources, being Oil the main exported product, followed by bananas (the largest exporter in the world), cocoa (the best fine flavor cocoa in the world), and flowers (the largest variety in the world), palm (the largest exporter of palm canned), shrimp, fish, among others.


During the Embassy Festival, our stand will promote Ecuadorian high quality products as sample of the flavors of Ecuador!



On the Saturday the 2nd of September 2023 will the International Market of the Embassy Festival take place at the