Embassy of the Republic of Haiti

Haiti remains un-discovered as a Caribbean touristic destination. Also called by its people “La perle des Antilles”. Haiti suffers from its political instability and nature disasters but this country is very well known for its history and as well its cultural heritage: music, food, painting, handicrafts and rhums(Barbancourt, Boukman). Regardless of the instability Haitians celebrate their identity and culture through arts, music and food. Haiti is participating in the Embassy Festival since 2014 thanks to member’s of the Haitian Association in the Netherlands.



On the Saturday the 2nd of September 2023 will the International Market of the Embassy Festival take place at the

Watch this video to learn how to make Haitian Pikliz. PierreSully Jourdain and Joel Harding from Jourdain Catering Haitian Cuisine