Embassy of the Republic of Latvia

Latvia – where nature and innovations merge. Latvia blends the best of world-famous architecture, untouched nature, and depth of talent on the shores of the Baltic sea. With two million inhabitants and a territory only by a third bigger than the Netherlands, Latvia is among the greenest of countries. Over half  of its territory are forests showing not only our excellence in wood industry but also understanding our place amongst nature. Latvia is the right place for delightful yet unexplored places to enjoy your holidays. When walking along dunes, steep cliffs, and caverns of the hundreds of kilometers of beaches, you will be greeted only by seagulls and swans.

Riga city, the beating heart of the whole region, will astonish you by blending timeless tradition and cutting-edge cool. Known as the capital of Art Nouveau architecture, you will also be surprised by its wooden building gems. Roaming through the capital will tell the story of Latvia’s love for singing, global excellence in science, and the booming start-up scene.



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