Palestinian Mission

Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

Welcome to Palestine, the Holy Land, sacred to the world’s three main monotheistic religions and the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Its past that goes back thousands of years, abundant cultural heritage, and important archaeological and religious sites make Palestine a unique centre of world history. Our traditional songs, dances, art, embroidery and delicious cuisine form the pillars of Palestinian identity and customs. Palestine is a destination place for responsible tourism and unforgettable encounters. Here, you can enjoy a unique experience where you can explore a rich history, colorful culture, pristine nature and immerse yourself with our unparalleled hospitality and generosity despite our limited resources. The Palestinian people can be characterized by the two following motto’s: we love life and our existence is resistance


This year we are thrilled that Ahmed Dari, Palestinian artist and calligraphist will be joining us with a brilliant music performance and art calligraphy. Following last year’s success ShakShuka Restaurant will join us again, bringing delicious Palestinian food and hospitality. You can also buy unique handmade thought-provoking designs from Disarming Design from Palestine, and Palestinian embroidery from Im Khalil from Beet Jala. We will are offering Palestinian Knafeh, and endless cups of Arabic coffee and tea! Check our facebook page for exact time.

Photo Credits: Maha Saca



On the Saturday the 2nd of September 2023 will the International Market of the Embassy Festival take place at the

Palestine has been a participant at the Embassy Festival for many years. Something we’re very proud of. Ambassador Rawan Sulaiman