This year the Embassy Festival was a very intimate and colourful experience. More than 15 different countries were represented on the Lange Voorhout and the very first Embassy Festival tour took place. Two days visitors were submerged with global culture, amazing flavours and special encounters. This year once again the Embassy Festival was a big success.


Friday | Embassy Tour

Friday was the start of the very first Embassy Festival tour. Guests were given a cycling route along 5 embassies in The Hague. Korea, Azerbaijan, Panama, Bolivia and Estonia opened their embassy doors for visitors. The programme was as diverse as you can imagine. From Korean dumplings to coffee from Bolivia and Estonian traditional dances to a meet & greet with The Ambassador to the Netherland from Panama, guests were treated to international hospitality and culture.


Saturday | Embassy Festival Experience

Visitors were treated to a program packed with cultural entertainment from around the world. From their tables, guests could experience all the entertainment and easily order food and drinks from the different countries around the festival. Drummers from India, dancers from Palestine and food and drinks from 15 different countries made the world trip complete this year. Mayor of The Hague Jan van Zanen visited the festival to celebrate his birthday together with the visitors and embassies of the Embassy Festival.


We would like to thank all participating embassies and our amazing visitors that made this year’s edition so special!