Manasi Dhayagude

India –Manasi will perform a folk dance form named Lavani. Lavani (Marathi: लावणी) is a genre of music popular in Maharashtra, India.
Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particularly performed to the beats of Dholki,
a percussion instrument. Lavani is noted for its powerful rhythm. In Maharashtra and southern Madhya Pradesh, it is performed by
the female performers wearing nine-yard long sarees. The songs are sung in a quick tempo.

There are 9 remotions in our life defined in Ayurveda.

  1. Shringara (love/beauty),
  2. Hasya (laughter),
  3. Karuna(sorrow),
  4. Raudra (anger),
  5. Veera (heroism/courage),
  6. Bhayanaka (terror/fear),
  7. Bibhatsa (disgust),
  8. Adbutha (surprise/wonder),
  9. Shantha (peace or tranquility)

Today’s dance form “Lavani” performed under Shringara (love/beauty) emotion.

Hope you all will like it.