Latvia –The Land That Sings. Latvians proudly call themselves a “nation of singers” because of strong choral music traditions. Alongside many professional choirs, there are tens of thousands of Latvians who are part of different amateur choirs. Once every five years the Latvian National Song and Dance Festival takes place with tens of thousands of singers taking part, this tradition is recognized as unique by the UNESCO. To give a glimpse into the musical heritage, Latvian choir Ziemeļjūrawill perform some of the most beloved Latvian folk songs. Choir Ziemeļjūra –translated from Latvian The North Sea–was founded in 2009 in the Hague. Ziemeļjūrachoir unites both Latvian and Dutch singers with a passion for music. The choir has performed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Latvia, under the artistic management of the conductor Ms Anna Fogelmane