The Tunisia menu

The Tunisian cuisine is not very known in the Netherlands. Time to change this! You just have to try this delicious flavorful cuisine, full of Tunisian spices and packed with love for food. Let us introduce you to the amazing Tunisian dishes and take you on a short holiday to this beautiful sunny country.

Sandwich merguez

The Tunisians are very proud of their merguez. The spices in the meat are super flavorful! But we add more flavor to this sandwich: we serve it with Tunisian harissa mayonaise and sweet and sour cucumber. You can’t resist this smell and taste!

Tunisian tajine is always part of a Tunisian meal. Usually made with egg, potato, cheese, union and parsley. Chef Mo gave it a little twist by adding some chicken to it. Finger licking good!


Tunisia’s best kept secret and real authentic food: brik! It’s a Tunisian spring roll filled with a delicious mixture of egg, tuna, onion, parsley and cheese. One is never enough so we’ll serve you 2 per portion 🙂

Trio of Tunisian salads

Tunisian cuisine is very know for her flavorful salads. We’ll serve you the top three: slata tounsya (mix of cucumber, tomato, pepper and union), omelet houria (carrot salad) and slata mechioua (grilled vegetable salad). Served with bread and you’re ready to dip and enjoy!

Homemade citronade
You will find this drink on every corner in Tunisia. It’s made with the whole lemon and it’s the perfect for a hot day. And you get those a lot in Tunisia. Served with fresh mint, what’s not to like?

Tunisian soda
You can’t make a Tunisian person more happy than to serve appla or boga cider. It’s like home for them. Appla has apple flavor and boga cider is like cola. You should definitely try it!