The Azerbaijan Menu

Embassy of Azerbaijan brings you the glance of Azerbaijani culture through the traditional food. The selection of the food presented at the Embassy festival will teleport you to the Azerbaijani family gatherings that are filled with laughter, love and of course, lots of food. Guests at those gatherings are of high esteem and are treated with the best food and seated at the best place at the table by the host. That being said, we will be very happy to have you as our guest! Today you will also have a chance to try a dish that is inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Kabab – Azerbaijani barbecue

Kabab is Azerbaijani barbecue type. We introduce 2 types. The first os called lule kabab- it is minced meat wrapped around skewer and cooked on charcoal grill. The second type is turkey cooked similarly.

Dolma in Azerbaijani means to fill/stuffed . Here we introduce grape leaves stuffed with mince meat and herbs. It is one of the main foods during festivities in Azerbaijan. It is also inscribed on UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Qutab is made from thinly rolled dough, stuffed either with herbs (vegetarian option) or meat and cooked on a iron griddle.


Traditional Azerbaijani dessert commonly prepared during Novruz festivities. It is multilayered and prepared with walnuts or almonds and flavored with honey or sugar. Other spices as cardamon, saffron and coriander can also be added.

Compote- Bizim tarla
Different kind of compotes from Azerbaijan.