The Ukraine Menu

Ukrainian cuisine is known for its delicious tastes, traditional cooking technologies and generous ways to serve guests. It is an important part of Ukrainian culture and lifestyle. At the Embassy Festival Experience we offer you to try some of the most popular and the most delicious Ukrainian dishes: borscht, different pancakes, buns with poppy seeds and apples, and of course, traditional drinks with unforgettable flavour. Enjoy Ukrainian cuisine!

Borscht with pampushky

Borscht is a rich beet soup made with meat and vegetables served with garlic buns (pampushky)

Stewed potatoes with cabbage and homemade sausage
Potatoes and cabbage stewed in a spicy tomato sauce with delicious homemade sausages

Deruny with smetana

Deruny – are potato pancakes made from finely grated pottatoes and onions served with sour cream

Nalysnyky mix

Nalysnyky are typical Ukrainian crepes with different fillings: mushrooms, apples, berries, cottage cheese etc.

Uzvar is a national Ukrainian beverage cooked with dried fruits and berries (apples, pears, razins etc.)

Medovukha is a national Ukrainian light-alcohol drink with honey flavour