The Bolivia Menu

The Embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia have selected some Bolivian dishes to make you taste a little bit of the culinary diversity, and give you the opportunity to try products directly from small coffee and chocolate producers in Bolivia. We are excited to meet you in person to serve our dishes that are part of our culture and traditions and dishes with high nutritional value, exceptional health benefits and great nutritional content, such as quinoa, known as a super food. In fact, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 as the “International Year of Quinoa”, in recognition of ancestral practices of the Andean people, who have managed to preserve quinoa in its natural state as food for present and future generations, affirming it is a food to fight against hunger and food insecurity. Enjoy it!

Croquetas de Quinua – Quinua Croquettes

Salty, made with quinua, egg and cheese, it is served with llajhua sauce (made with Bolivian peper/locoto), mustard of golf sauce.


Cheesy flavour, small bread, made with yucca/casave flour, cheese, egg and milk. Typical dish of northern Bolivia, often eaten at tea/coffee time.

Arroz con Leche – Rice pudding

Sweet, soft and fresh pudding, often eaten as dessert. Ingredients are rice milk and cinnamon.


Sweet cookies made with corn-starch, butter, egg, filled with dulce de leche and coconut. A delicious soft cookie. Made in southern Bolivia

Coffee of small producers of Bolivia

The coffee from ILLIMANI originates in Bolivia in the valleys north east of La Paz. ILLIMANI imports more than 25 years coffee from small producing communities, since 1997 the coffee is organic certified. The altitude, soil and climate are favourable for the delicious taste of the Bolivian Coffee