The Palestine Menu

The Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands is bringing Inas Maes to the festival this year to share with you her delish mouthwatering food. Inas runs cooking workshops and has a catering business. Food is her passion, she believes food brings people together and allows us to explore different cultures. Inas likes to contribute to building communication bridges between cultures with her cooking workshops. By using her Palestinian heritage, she introduces Palestinian culture, traditions, and food to bring people closer. She  will be serving Msakhan rolls full of flavor including chicken, onions, soumak, olive oil and pine nuts, a Falafel Sandwich served with a yummy tahini dressing (V), a mixed platter of Falafel, hummus and tabouleh (V) and tabbouleh salad. Our food is as colourful as our culture. We cannot wait for you to have a taste of Palestine!

Msakhan Rolls with Greek Yogurt
A Traditional dish prepared during large gatherings (adjusted to rolls for practicality)

Falafel Sandwich with Tahini sauce
Crunchy Falafel are a weekend’s morning breakfast must but also eaten as mezzeh

Falafel, Hummus dip & Tabouleh salad Platter

A nice combination of Palestinian vegan mezzeh platter

Tabouleh salad
Tabouleh is a traditional Levantine salad famous for its healthy ingredients including bulgur, greens, tomatoes, and most importantly olive oil and lemon.