The Oman Menu

One of the wonders of the unique Omani culture, is the exceptional traditional cuisine. Influenced by the Sultanate geographical position between Asia, Africa and the Middle East at the intersection of traditional spice trade route and by its historical Heritage as a gigantic trading empire, Omani food is characterized by its variety, high quality of flavour and rich food stuffs.

Al Arsiya
The Embassy of Oman welcomes you and offer you one of the traditional Omani dishes called Arsiya. A paste of chicken and rice that is eaten with a fruity sauce. It is healthy, tasty and easy to digest. It tends to be eaten in Oman during Eid and at celebrations like weddings. Try it please.

Omani Halwa
Halwa means dessert or sweets in Arabic. Halwa in Oman is the name given to the most famous Omani sweets. Omani halwa is a gelatinous dark brown-coloured and sticky sweet a strong texture that is thicker than custard . It is commonly served at weddings , birthdays, festivities, and during the holy month of Ramadan or Eid al Ftir and Eid al Adha. Aromatic and extremely flavourful. It is traditionally served with kahwa (coffee) Just try it.

Omani Kahwa

Kahwa means coffee in Arabic. Omani Kahwa is light coffee with strong to soft taste mixed with spices. Kahwa is usually drunk without sugar. Yet if one is accustomed to sweet taste coffee, Khawa is then served with Omani Halwa (sweets) or dates. Most Omanis drink kahwa several times during the day. We will serve Kahwa with dates. Dates are produced from Palm trees which are frequently seen in plantations all around Oman and it is one of the essential food that are presented to every guest as part of Omani hospitality and a gesture of welcome