The Ethiopia Menu

Ethiopia will provide guests with the option to enjoy some Gurschas (bites/snacks). A Gurscha is an act of friendship and love. When eating injera a person uses his or her right hand to strip off a piece wraps it around some Wat or Kitfo and then puts it into his or her mouth. During a meal with friends or family, it is common custom to feed others in the group with one’s hand by putting the rolled injera or a spoon full of other dishes into another’s mouth. This is called a Gurscha, the stronger the friendship or bond (only surpassed by the brewing of Tej together). This tradition was featured in “The Food Wife” an episode of The Simpsons that uses Ethiopian cuisine as a plot point.

Vegan Gursha

This is a exotic traditional Ethiopians vegan cuisine, spicy , chilly and delicious food you ever tested before.

Non vegan Gursha

Delicious chilly and spicy filled with minced meat sauce & cottage cheese.