The Sudan Menu

The Embassy of Sudan cannot be missed during this special edition of the Embassy Festival. We have selected some delicious dishes to make you try the Sudanese taste, we hope you like it. We are excited to meet you in person while we serve your dish with the Sudanese hospitality and friendly smile.


This is a savoury common dish in Sudan  made from grinded chickpea with spices and sometimes with vegetables and sesame. it is fried in oil in shape of small balls. it is often eaten in breakfast and supper. it can be eaten with salad, Sause, cheese or alone.

Shawarma with vegetables

Sudanese spices gives Shawarma different taste . it is the youth popular sandwiches


its unique taste, flavour, red colour make it a valuable food products. it is used as  juice or hot tea .it is highly valuable for its high content of vitamin C. Really it deserve to try.

Sudanese coffee
the traditional way to make Sudanese coffee gives it different taste, it deserve to try.