The Russia Menu

Russia welcomes all friends of our country and other guests and offers a variety of tasty and fresh traditional national dishes and products. Our attentive assistants will strengthen your positive impression of Russia and help to enjoy this special edition of the Embassy Festival.

Handmade dumplings, with minced meat, perfectly balanced taste of beef and pork, boiled with natural herbs. Served with horseradish sauce.

Handmade dumplings filled with potatoes, boiled in a rich bouillon of natural herbs. Served with fresh cream. Vegetarian.

Traditional baked pastry filled with white cabbage/sauerkraut, healthy and energizing snack. 2 pieces.

A favourite dish at family and corporate outdoor parties in Russia. We cook it on pieces of volcanic Siberian rocks.

Beer “Zhiguli”
The most famous beer brand in the former Soviet Union. Now you can try it in your Homeland.

A traditional low-calorie low-alcohol sweet gas beverage fermented from rye bread, rich in tocopherol and antixerophthalmic factor, perfect for refreshing and digestion.